I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but Bentley from Sly Cooper. Not only is he the brains of the operations, but he also has character development. He's also the only playable paraplegic character I've ever come across, and still manages to be a useful in the field.

I know I'm in the rarity here, but I'm just not enjoying Ni No Kuni as much as I thought I would. I just got the second character and after playing around with her commands a bit and watching her either oom in one battle or run up like an idiot and attack for one constantly, I turned the game off and haven't been able…

I'm finding Far Cry 3 to be incredibly boring. You do pretty much everything you're going to do throughout the game within the first half an hour. I'm about 70% done and I think I've only ran into 3 different types of enemies, not counting animals, and the vast majority are just ak47 wielding pirates.

Picked up Magic 2013 on a whim since I used to play the card game back in school. Pretty fun and balanced, haven't tried taking on any real people though. Also started Rhythm Thief which is good enough to recommend. Sort of like Elite Beat Agents but they mix up the rhythm games.